Student Profiles Archive - Amgen Scholars 2014

Here you will find information about past and present students funded through scholarships administered by the Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences.  We are proud of the achievements of our research scholars.
Please click on the program year to get information about the supported students, their mentors and their research projects.

Mr. Johnathan Zhao
Ms. An Qi (Angel) Wu
Ms. Molly Uyeda
Ms. Melissa Truong
Mr. Hamilton Trinh
Mr. Justin Toh
Ms. Shayna Stein
Ms. Dianne Lumaquin
Mr. Phillip Levin
Ms. Joan Chou
Ms. Andrea Chaikovsky
Mr. Timothy Chai
Ms. Shannon Zikovich
Mr. Daniel Chu
Mr. Tyler Schmeckpeper
Ms. Maxine Nelson
Mr. James Haggerty-Skeans
Mr. Lawrence Furan
Ms. Kristen Flynn
Ms. Tamar Feldman
Ms. Imaani Easthausen
Ms. Sara Daley
Mr. Rudy Chen
Ms. Angela Avitua