Student Profiles Archive - Amgen Scholars 2012

Here you will find information about past and present students funded through scholarships administered by the Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences.  We are proud of the achievements of our research scholars.
Please click on the program year to get information about the supported students, their mentors and their research projects.

Mr. Daniel Wong
Ms. Lauren Wierenga
Ms. Tam Tran
Mr. Stephen Tran
Ms. Sara Taylor
Ms. Laura Taylor
Ms. Jessica Rodriguez
Ms. Christina Phuong
Ms. Veronica Perez
Mr. Harding Luan
Ms. Michelle Lissner
Mr. Richard Li
Mr. Ben Leiken
Mr. Robert Lamm
Mr. Vincent Heng
Mr. James Hedrick
Ms. Vira Fomenko
Mr. Michael Erb
Mr. Sai Devana
Ms. Cameron Curtin
Ms. Nicole Cremer
Mr. Jang (John) Cho
Mr. Hunter Bennett
Ms. Ashley Bauer