Student Profiles Archive - URSP 2005-2006

Here you will find information about past and present students funded through scholarships administered by the Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences.  We are proud of the achievements of our research scholars.
Please click on the program year to get information about the supported students, their mentors and their research projects.

Mr. Ryan Abelowitz
Mr. Ryan Abelowitz
Ms. Marina Acosta
Ms. Latifat Alli
Mr. Christopher Bui
Ms. Akanksha Chhabra
Ms. Grace Chang
Ms. Lillian Chang
Ms. Yuli Chang
Mr. Benjamin Chiang
Ms. Janet Chow
Mr. Navid Ezra
Ms. Emily Fu
Ms. Shiva Gangian
Ms. Princess Gilbert
Ms. Iulia Giuroiu
Mr. Dan Gould
Ms. Joie Guner
Mr. Omar Een Hajji
Mr. Ali Hassanpour
Ms. Sanghee Hong
Ms. Amy Hughes
Ms. Lucia Huynh
Ms. Virginia Huynh
Ms. Angela Jin
Ms. Amy Kao
Ms. Alina Katsman
Mr. Mike Kharazian
Mr. Hyun Kim
Mr. Sunmin Kim
Mr. Omid Kohannim
Mr. Hsiang (Andrew) King
Mr. Sephir Lelezari
Ms. Elaine Lee
Ms. Kristen S. Lee
Mr. Roger Li
Mr. David Lin
Mr. Robert Lo
Mr. Jonathan Low
Mr. Mitchell Luu
Mr. Christopher Lynch
Mr. Teng (Frank) Ma
Mr. Kenneth Matryeyek
Mr. Matthew Mossanen
Mr. Michael Nash
Ms. Jeenah Park
Ms. Elizabeth Rhoades
Mr. Ronald Seese
Ms. Noreen Singh
Ms. Rie Takahashi
Mr. Patrick Witta
Ms. Grace Yang
Mr. Paul Yang
Ms. Sophia Young