Student Profiles Archive - URSP 2009-2010

Here you will find information about past and present students funded through scholarships administered by the Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences.  We are proud of the achievements of our research scholars.
Please click on the program year to get information about the supported students, their mentors and their research projects.

Mr. Ryan Quiroz
Mr. Matt Pimentel
Mr. Guillermo Milian
Mr. Rey Martin
Ms. Jacqueline Kimmey
Ms. Raisa Avezova
Mr. Paul Chander
Mr. Andrew Chao
Ms. Jessie Chen
Mr. Fuad Elkhoury
Mr. David Foulad
Ms. Wendy Fujioka
Mr. Christopher Greer
Mr. Richard Hadi
Mr. Charlie Ho
Ms. Stacy Hu
Mr. Brian Ichwan
Mr. Samuel Irving
Ms. Xiao Wen (Lisa) Jiang
Ms. Danielle Kay
Ms. Jane Kim
Mr. Jun Kim
Mr. David Kirakossian
Mr. Rameen Moridzadeh
Mr. Jonathan Nattiv
Ms. Amy Ngan
Mr. Raymond Ngo
Ms. Kristin Owyang
Mr. Vijay Patel
Mr. Ryan Ponec
Ms. Catherine Pourdavoud
Ms. Ann Quan
Mr. Maha Rahim
Mr. Joseph Rodrigues
Ms. Anna Sahakyan
Ms. Claire Sampankanpanich
Mr. Charles Seller
Ms. Marissa Sneddon
Ms. Hoang-Lan Tran
Ms. Lillian Tran
Mr. Dinh Truong
Mr. Aria Vazirnia
Mr. Daniel Vu
Ms. Allison Wong
Mr. Daniel Wu
Ms. Paula Wu
Ms. Lei Xu
Ms. Gabriela Kuftinec
Ms. Wai Yin (Rona) Law
Mr. Tyler Lee
Mr. Alan Lewis
Ms. Anqi Li
Ms. Jinxin (Stephy) Li
Mr. Benjamin Liu
Ms. Shirley Liu