Student Profiles Archive - URSP 2011-2012

Here you will find information about past and present students funded through scholarships administered by the Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences.  We are proud of the achievements of our research scholars.
Please click on the program year to get information about the supported students, their mentors and their research projects.

Mr. Abhimanyu Amarnani
Mr. Armin Arshi
Mr. Alvaro Assuncao
Mr. Hayk Barseghyan
Ms. Mariam Barseghyan
Mr. Randy Chang
Mr. Stephen Chang
Ms. Iris Chen
Ms. Vicky Chiang
Mr. Eric Choi
Ms. Cassandra Coleman
Ms. Tamara Cutler
Ms. Liane Dallalzadeh
Mr. Thomas Darlington
Mr. Debobrato Das
Mr. Sai Devana
Mr. Jaideep Dudani
Ms. Grace Fang
Mr. Michael Fice
Ms. Connie Fung
Mr. Raghav Goyal
Ms. Xin Ning Guan
Mr. Joseph Hadava
Ms. Renee Hsieh
Ms. Jee Youn Hwang
Mr. Jose Jacob
Mr. James Kelvin
Mr. Jin Ki Kim
Ms. Kendra Knudsen
Ms. Jennifer Kuo
Mr. George Lai
Mr. Andy Lee
Ms. Debora Lee
Ms. Virginia Li
Mr. Billy Lin
Mr. Justin Lin
Mr. Mark Lin
Ms. Michelle Lissner
Mr. Andrew Liu
Ms. Kimberly Loo
Ms. Jennifer Luh
Mr. Hansen Lui
Ms. Janice Ma
Mr. Arek Melkonian
Ms. Anoush Mohtashamnia
Ms. Naseem Moridzadeh
Mr. Parsa Nafisi
Ms. Courtney Neumann
Ms. Elizabeth Min-Jiun Ng
Mr. Takahiro Ohara
Ms. Kristin O'Neill
Ms. Kristy Ou
Mr. Darren Pan
Mr. Daniel Perry
Mr. Stephen Pham
Mr. Devin Quinlan
Ms. Elyse Rankin-Gee
Mr. Erik Reinertsen
Mr. Justin Sharim
Ms. Lindsey Sharpe
Mr. Matthew So
Mr. George Techiryan
Ms. Chivani Thaker
Ms. Amy Ton
Mr. Gregory Tong
Ms. Vivy Tran
Ms. Shawna Truong
Ms. Claire Tu
Mr. Nolan Ung
Ms. Ahuva Weltman
Ms. Shannon Wongvibulsin
Ms.Yingfei Wu
Ms. Diana Yanez
Ms. Jessica Yang
Ms. Linda Ye
Ms. Madeline Yung
Ms. Hua "Hannah" Zhao
Ms. Kimberly Bui
Ms. Lisa Cao