Student Profiles Archive - Amgen Scholars 2009

Here you will find information about past and present students funded through scholarships administered by the Undergraduate Research Center - Sciences.  We are proud of the achievements of our research scholars.
Please click on the program year to get information about the supported students, their mentors and their research projects.

Mr. Michael Adam
Mr. Christopher Arakawa
Ms. Dorsa Beroukhim
Mr. Andrew Chiu
Ms. Heather Derry
Mr. Bryan Goldsmith
Ms. Jessica Jimenez
Mr. Yong-Hoon Kim
Ms. Kathryn Krueger
Ms. Jane Kuon
Mr. Bryan Kwan
Ms. Holly Lauridsen
Mr. Eric Lemmon
Ms. Shirley Liu
Ms. Van Mai
Ms. Christie-Lynn Mortales
Ms. Cynthia Neben
Ms. Caitlin Nichols
Ms. Dianne Pulido
Mr. Jonathan Reuter
Mr. Joseph Rohr
Mr. Tuan Tran
Ms. Allison Wong
Ms. Lacey Wright