Amgen Scholars Program - Media Coverage

UCLA receives grant from the Amgen Foundation to continue hosting Amgen Scholars Program

UCLA has been awarded a four-year grant from the Amgen Foundation to continue providing hands-on laboratory experience to undergraduate students across Southern California through the Amgen Scholars Program. To read full article, click here

Dr.Patty Phelps receives recognition for 12 years as the UCLA Amgen Scholars Program Faculty Advisor

Over the past 12 years, Patty Phelps has mentored more than 250 students in her role as faculty advisor for the Amgen Scholars Program at UCLA. The article "In Depth with a Program Powerhouse: 12 Years of Amgen Scholars with Patty Phelps" highlights her impact on the Amgen Scholars Program as she steps down from her role with the program. For the full article, please click here

Jessica Jimenez (2009) wins 2017 Kavli Institute Award and her research in 2018 receives press

Jessica Jimenez was the winner of the 2017 Kavli Institute Award for Distinguished Research in Neuroscience at Columbia University for her thesis research in the laboratory of René Hen. 

 Jessica Jimenez's research on 'anxiety cells' in 2018 also recieved significant press and was featured on January 31, 2018 by Columbia University Irving Medical Center. To see the full article, click here

Jonathan Radda (2017) received the Dankook Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Jonathan Radda was awarded the Dankook Award for Outstanding Undergraduate at the 92nd Commencent Ceremony at the Southern Oregon University for the Class of 2018. The Dankook Award honors recipeints for their demonstration of academic excellence, contributioins to campus life as a leader, and proof of citizenship and character. 

Emma Carley (2017) wins Dean's Prize Award and Dunn Award

Emma Carley was a Dean's Prize Science Award winner for her poster presentation at UCLA's 2018 Research Poster Day, which showcases undergraduate research in all areas. 

Emma Carley was also the recipient of the Dunn Award for Excellence in Biochemistry at the 2018 Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Commencement Ceremony. The details about her award can be found here

Douglas Yao (2017) was featured as an inspiring new graduate from UCLA

Douglas Yao was featured by UCLA 's Department of Undergraduate Education on Aug 29, 2018 for his passion and dedication to research as an undergraduate. 

Robert Lamm (2012) showcased as a founding member of A-Alpha Bio

Robert Lamm was showcased as a founding member of A-Alpha Bio, a new startup focused on improving drug-testing efficiency. A-Alpha Bio took home the $25,000 first place prize from the 2018 UW Business Plan Competition.  

Emily Brown (2011) selected as a 2018 STFM Student Scholar

Emily Brown received the 2018 Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) Conference on Medical Student Education Student Scholarship Award. This award highlights students who have an interest in family medicine and have potential for an academic career.

Jonathan Diep’s (2011) graduate research on identifying a cellular ‘death code’ showcased

Jonathan Diep’s graduate research on identifying a cellular ‘death code’ was showcased in the press on June 7, 2018 by EurekAlert, an online, global news service opperated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 

Miranda Villanueva (2017) received a 2018 Protein Science Travel Award

Miranda Villanueva was awarded the 2018 Protein Science Travel Award at the Protein Society's 32nd Annual Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts.

Clare Page (2017) was the Alpha Chi Sigma Achievement Award recipient

Clare Page was awarded the Alpha Chi Sigma Achievement Award at the 2018 Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Commencement Ceremony.

Gunvant Chauduri (2017) and Deanna Necula (2017) were both selected to be a UCLA i2URP Scholar

Gunvant Chauduri and Deanna Necula were both selected to participate in the Integrated and Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Program (i2URP), which is an intensive, two-year program that prepares incoming juniors for a career in research.

Jerika Chiong (2017) was selected as the internal Vice President of UCSB student organization

Jerika Chiong was selected to be the internal Vice President of the University of California, San Diego's American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Organization, which is a pre-professional student organization for students interested in chemistry. 

Caitlin Nichols (2009) helped welcome new Syrian refugees

Caitlin Nichols helped organize a carnival welcoming new Syrian refugees to Cambridge, MA.

Agnieszka Grzechnik (2010) was recipient of the Karl H. Beyer, Jr. Travel Award

Agnieszka Grzechnik was the University of California, San Diego recipient of the Karl H. Beyer, Jr. Travel Award to attend the 2018 American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) conference.

Hannah Pearce (2016) wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Hannah Pearce is one of four students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University to earn the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Hannah is pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering at Rice University.

The University of New Hampshire interviews Rachel Sabol (2016)
UNH Today interviewed Rachel Sabol as part of their "The Places They'll Go" series before she moved to Cleveland to begin her doctorate in the biomedical sciences training program at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine. Rachel was also featured in Scholars News about the new Amgen-NIH Science Education Fellowship, which Rachel participated in during the summer of 2017.

Cara Abecunas (2016) earns prestigious Luther F. Witmer Prize
Cara Abecunas received the prestigious Luther F. Witmer Prize awarded annually to the chemical and biomolecular engineering senior with the most outstanding accomplishments. Cara also received an honorable mention for her NSF Graduate Research Fellowship submission.

Sara Volz (2016) named one of 25 stars under 25 by the Improper Bostonian
Sara Volz was named one of the 25 stars under 25 by the Improper Bostonian, which showcases Boston's next "generation of all-stars." To see the full Improper Bostonian article click here.

Chloe Wu (2016) wins Dean's Prize
Chloe Wu took home the Dean's Prize for her poster presentation at UCLA's 2017 Research Poster Day, which showcases undergraduate research in all areas.

John Ovian (2015) wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
John was awarded the 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. John completed his Master's at the University of Connecticut and will begin his PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University in Fall 2017. John also received the Portz Fellowship for his research.

Nisha Gopal (2015) earns Fulbright Fellowship
Nisha Gopal received the Fulbright scholarship and completed an MS at CNRS University of Pierre and Marie Curie. To watch a video of her experience, click here. Nisha will begin a PhD at Stanford University in Structural Biology in Fall 2017.

Jamie Cyr (2015) earns Gates Cambridge Scholarship
Jamie is Smith College’s first Gates Cambridge Scholar. She will be using the funds to finish her PhD at the University of Cambridge. Jamie was also a finalist for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

Bob Lamm (2012) wins Bestin Innovation/Technology Idea Prize
Bob Lamm took home the Perkins Coie $2500 Bestin Innovation/Technology Idea prize at the 2017 University of Washington Business Plan Competition. Bob Lamm is a Bioengineering PhD student at UW.

Ahuva Weltman (2011) receives Neuroengineering Award and USC Stevens Most Innovative Award
Ahuva Weltman has received the USC Viterbi Department of Biomedical Engineering 2017 Neuroengineering Award and the 2017 USC Stevens Most Innovative Award as part of the 21st Fred S. Grodins Research Symposium. To learn more about the symposium, click here. Ahuva is a student of the MD/PhD Program at USC.

Dr. Bryan Goldsmith (2009) becomes a faculty member in U. of Michigan's Dept. of Chem. Engineering
Dr. Bryan Goldsmith will join the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan as an Assistant Professor in September 2017. His research group will "use electronic-structure theory and molecular simulation, as well as data analytics tools, to understand catalysts and materials under realistic conditions, and to help generate a platform for their design and use in chemical synthesis and pollution reduction."

Meghan McKeon Zubradt (2008) gives a talk on her PhD research for UCSF's Discovery Fellows Program
Meghan McKeon Zubradt is a PhD candidate in Biomedical Sciences at UCSF. Meghan's research talk was highlighted as part of UCSF's Discovery Fellows Program. Her talk is titled Developing New Tools to Research RNA Folding and Function. To see her talk, click here.

Dr. Aaron Meyer (2007) becomes a faculty member in UCLA's Department of Bioengineering
Dr. Aaron Meyer joined the UCLA Department of Bioengineering's faculty in July, 2017. The Meyer Lab focuses on learning about cancer biology and innate immune signaling with the goal of designing immune- and cancer-targeted therapies.

Dr. Sara Thoi (2007) becomes a faculty mentor in the Johns Hopkins Department of Chemistry
Dr. Sara Thoi joined the Department of Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University as an assistant professor in 2015. Her research group is focused on "1) the development of conductive metal and covalent organic frameworks for electrode and electrolyte materials in fuel cells and batteries, 2) the use of conductive aerogels as scaffolds for catalytic reactions, and 3) the discovery of new molecular metal complexes for activating energy-relevant small molecules."

The UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry department showcases six 2017 Amgen Scholars
The UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry department highlighted Jerika Chiong, Van Hsieh, Katherine Morillo, Claire Page, Chloe Williams, and Emma Carley from the Amgen Scholars 2017 cohort at the Summer Programs for Undergraduate Research Poster Session.

Smith college highlights Amalia Sweet (2016) for her selection as a UCLA Amgen Scholar
Amalia Sweet was one of two Smith College students to be selected for the Amgen Scholars Program in 2016. Amalia was highlighted by Grécourt Gate, which covers news and events for the Smith College community.

Holly Sullivan (2016) recognized as one of the Husky 100
Holly Sullivan earned a spot in the Husky 100, which recognizes 100 UW undergraduate and graduate students in all areas of study who are making the most of their time at the UW.

Weilin Song's (2016) undergraduate research showcased on ScienceDaily
Weilin Song had her undergraduate research with the Silva Lab at UCLA featured on the Science Daily website.

The UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry department showcases three 2016 Amgen Scholars
The UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry department highlighted Nicholas Higdon (UCSB), Sara Volz (MIT), and Karli Holman (Westmont College) from the Amgen Scholars 2016 cohort at their end of summer event and at the Summer Programs for Undergraduate Research Poster Session.

Emily Aguirre (2015) featured by Cal State L.A.
Emily Aguirre was showcased as one of the three California State University, Los Angeles students to be in the Amgen Scholars Program.

Meghan Bell (2015) featured by Binghamton University
Binghamton University has featured Meghan Bell for her participation in the 2015 UCLA Amgen Scholars Program.

Karan Mehta's (2008) research highlighted on the ScienceDaily web site.
Karan Mehta's research has been highlighted on ScienceDaily for making an "important step toward practical quantum computers." Karan is a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

Three UCLA Amgen Scholars win Spring 2016 Travel Awards
The Spring Travel Awards support Amgen Scholars alumni traveling to a national or international conference to present on research conducted while an Amgen Scholar. Congratulations to Erin McDonald (2007), Jonathan Kuo (2010), and Laura Taylor (2012) for winning Spring 2016 Travel Awards!

Hannah Pearce (2016) featured by Texas A&M University College of Engineering
Texas A&M University's College of Engineering has featured Hannah Pearce for her participation in the 2016 UCLA Amgen Scholars Program.

Ryan Rebernick (2015) wins Outstanding Sophomore Award
2015 UCLA Amgen Scholar, Ryan Rebernick, has been selected as one of the Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association's Outstanding Sophomore Award Winners. Congratulations, Ryan!

John Ovian (2015) named 2016 Goldwater Scholar
Congratulations to John Ovian for being named a 2016 Goldwater Scholar! The University of Connecticut has published an article featuring John and one other fellow UConn recipient for winning this prestigious award.

Angela Avitua (2014) highlighted by ASM in an article describing her journey to graduate school
The American Society for Microbiology has published an article, "Angela Avitua's Journey from Community College to Top Research University," featuring a 2014 UCLA Amgen Scholar. Congratulations to Angela on completing her first year of graduate school at UC Riverside!

Jason Kerr (2013) featured by Keck Graduate Institute
Jason Kerr was featured by Keck Graduate Institute for his internship at Gilead Sciences last summer. Check out KGI's Facebook post to find out what Jason worked on as an intern.

Two 2014 Scholars and one 2011 Scholar featured in the Amgen Scholars Program Annual Report
Former Scholar Michael Einstein (2011) returned to UCLA for graduate school and served as a mentor to Angela Avitua (2014) through the UCLA Amgen Scholars Program. Michael and Angela were featured in the Amgen Scholars annual report along with Imaani Easthausen (2014).

2013 Scholar Claire Ostertag-Hill featured by Oregon Live
Claire Ostertag-Hill graduated from Oregon State University in June 2015, completing three honors undergraduate degrees. Oregon Live highlights Claire's accomplishments and career aspirations.

Arianne Aslamy (2010) receives 2015-16 TL1 Predoctoral Training Award
The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute announced its 2015-16 TL1 Predoctoral Training Award recipients. Arianne Aslamy is one of five recipients at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Imaani Easthausen (2014) featured by the Amgen Foundation
Imaani Easthausen, a 2014 UCLA Amgen Scholar, shares her motivation to become a scientist. She discusses her passion for social justice and the importance of thinking critically about the social implications of scientific research.

Timothy Chai (2014) featured by the Amgen Foundation
Timothy Chai, a 2014 UCLA Amgen Scholar, shares his motivation to research cancer treatments. He talks about the rewarding experience of working on an understudied metabolic pathway as a UCLA Amgen Scholar.

Angela Avitua (2014) featured by ABRCMS
Angela Avitua is a 2014 awardee of the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS). In her interview she discusses her career goals, her experience at ABRCMS, and she offers advice to first-time ABRCMS attendees.

Molly Uyeda (2014) featured by UCLA Daily Bruin
Molly Uyeda discusses her experiences at UCLA along with her inspirations in life that helped get her accepted to Stanford University, where she will pursue a Ph.D in stem cell research.

Three 2013/2014 Amgen Scholars win Dean's Prizes
Three UCLA Amgen Scholars were awarded the Dean's Prize Medal of Excellence at the 2015 UCLA Science Poster Day on May 12, 2015. Each student continued their Amgen Scholar project and presented it to faculty judges. Please congratulate Timothy Chai (2014), James Haggerty-Skeans (2014), and Rebecca McGillivary (2013)!

Harding Luan (2012) was selected for the Gruber Science Fellowship at Yale University

Harding Luan was selected for the Gruber Science Fellowship at Yale University in 2014. This fellowship is the most prestigous award offered by Yale's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to incoming science students. It recognizes the most highly ranked applicants to Yale PhD programs in life sciences, cosmology, and astrophysics. 

Heather Derry (2009) wins 2014 Graduate Associate Teaching Award
Heather Derry, a PhD candidate in Psychology at the Ohio State University, won the 2014 Graduate Associate Teaching Award. This award is the university's highest recognition of the exceptional teaching provided by graduate students.

Hunter Bennett (2012) receives College of Engineering Dean's Medal
Hunter Bennett, University of Washington Bioengineering senior and UCLA Amgen Scholars alumni (2012), was awarded the UW College of Engineering Dean's Medal for Academic Excellence for 2014. The Dean's Medal is awarded to two College of Engineering graduating seniors students annually. He was also profiled by UW Today.

Four 2013/2014 Amgen Scholars win Dean's Prizes
Four UCLA Amgen Scholars from the 2013 and 2014 cohorts were awarded the Dean's Prize Medal of Excellence at the 2014 UCLA Science Poster Day. Their work exemplifies excellence in undergraduate research and education. Congratulations to Justin Ondry, Melissa Truong, Justin Toh and Stephanie Wang!

Julia Arzeno (2011) awarded David Geffen Medical Scholarship
Julia Arzeno is one of fifteen recipients of the David Geffen Medical Scholarships. The scholarship covers the full cost of attending medical school, and it is entirely merit-based.

2009 Scholar Christie Mortales named NIH Training Grant Fellow
Christie Mortales is a PhD candidate in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics at the University of California, Irvine. She earned the NIH Training Grant Fellowship for her work at UC Irvine.

Timothy Chai (2014) awarded Goldwater Scholarship
Timothy Chai receives 2014 Barry Goldwater Scholarship. Congratulations!

Beena Biju (2013) featured by Hofstra University
Biochem Student Wins National Scholarship for Scientific Research - "Biju worked in the lab of Siavash Kurdistani, MD, associate professor in the Department of Biological Chemistry at the David Geffen School of Medicine. Dr. Kurdistani studies the relationship between human genome compaction and diseases such as cancer."

Tiffany Wang (2013) discusses her experience in the Tufts Internship Profile Book
What do you enjoy most about your internship? They really want to make
sure the scholars understand what it means to be on track for a PhD.

2013 Scholar Matthew McBride is highlighted by Drexel University
Matthew McBridge shares his journey from homeschooling to Drexel University to UCLA for Amgen Scholars to Harvard University for Graduate School.

Matthew McBride (2013) meets the president before starting the program
Matthew's work with Drs. Andrew Lang of Roberts University and Antony Williams earned him a Open Notebook Science Challenge Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry, as well as an invitation to attend the White House's Open Science Poster Session in July of 2013. (Courtesy of Drexel University)

2012 Amgen Scholar Daniel Wong receives the True Bruin Distinguished Senior Award
Amgen Scholar Daniel Wong was among five students chosen by alumni, donors and volunteers from 200 applicant for this prestigious award.

2012 Amgen Scholar Robert Lamm receives Lee Wasserman Memorial Senior Prize
Robert was awarded the Lee Wasserman Senior Prize for demonstrated leadership, service, and academic distinction. For more information about this award, please see the link.

2012 Amgen Scholar Robert Lamm is awarded a 2013 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
2012 Amgen Scholar Robert Lamm was awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to support his research at the University of Washington as a graduate student in Bioengineering.

2012 Amgen Scholar Hunter Bennett receives Levinson Emerging Scholar Award
Mr. Bennett is one of a handful of University of Washington juniors and seniors supported by the Levinson Emerging Scholars Program to pursue creative and highly independent research.

Three 2012 Amgen Scholars win Dean's Prize for Excellence at UCLA Science Poster Day 2013
Michelle Lissner, Harding Luan, and Daniel Wong, all from the 2012 Amgen Scholars cohort, were awarded the Dean's Prize at UCLA's annual Science Poster Day event.

Veronica Perez (2012 cohort) is highlighted in the CSUSB Coyote Chronicle
Veronica Perez was one of six students selected to represent California State University San Bernardino at the 25th annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium.

2011 Amgen Scholar Cindy Schmelkin graduates from Hofstra with a perfect GPA
Cindy Schmelkin is one of only a small number of students honored for their academic excellence at Hofstra University.

Amgen Scholar Joey Vella (2011) wins a 2012 AIChE award
Joey received a Senior class merit award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. (Courtesy of Rutgers University)

2011 Amgen Scholar Sandra Sanchez shares her journey in Amgen Scholar News
Sandra Sanchez, a 2011 UCLA Amgen Scholar, shares her non-traditional journey from "Sales to Science." She discusses the role of the Amgen Scholars Program in her journey, which got her excited about going to graduate school.

2011 Amgen Scholar Gabriel Loewinger awarded Watson Fellowship
Mr. Loewinger builds upon his Amgen supported research in chemical dependency as a Watson Fellow at Pitzer College for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Erik Reinertsen (2011) is a founding organizer for Medicine 2.0 at Emory University
Erik played an instrumental role in establishing Medicine 2.0. The conference is Emory University’s first multidisciplinary conference on medical technology innovation. Engineering students from Georgia Tech brainstormed, networked, and envisioned the future of medicine with clinical faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students from Emory University. Over 100 attendees from two institutions and seven departments participated. Our team organized event logistics, invited speakers, and gathered participant feedback.

2011 Amgen Scholar Katerina Korch awarded NSF Graduate Fellowship
Ms. Korch is the first Juniata College student to receive the National Science Foundation award as an undergraduate, and will be studying Chemistry at CalTech in the Fall.

Jonathan Diep (2011) named Stanford Graduate Fellows in Science and Engineering

Jonathan was awarded the Stanford Graduate Fellows in Science and Engineering in 2013. He also earned the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and was awarded a Barry Goldwater Scholarship (2012). Jonathan is pursuing a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University.

Amgen 2011 Alumnus Katerina Korch in the running for Fulbright Fellowship
Ms. Korch (2011 Amgen cohort) and five others advance to final selection round for the prestigious Fellowship program.

Dr. Patty Phelps receives 2011 Distinguished Teaching Award
Dr. Phelps, the Faculty Director for the Amgen Scholars program, receives recognition for excellence in teaching. Her interaction with Amgen Scholar, Frank Lee, is highlighted in this article.

Gina Notaro's 2009 Amgen Scholars experience was highlighted in Lehigh University Newsletter
Gina was profiled in the Spring 2011 Lehigh University Biological Sciences newsletter. (Courtesy of Lehigh University).

2011 Amgen Scholar Emily Brown discusses her gap year experience
Upom graduation from MIT in 2013 Emily Brown took a gap year to do clinical work in a private dermatology practice.

2009 Amgen Scholar Jane Kuon beams in on cancer
Jane's contributions in the research lab of Dr. Gerry Weinmaster resulted in the "discovery of fundamental properties of a key molecular signaling system involved with development, cancer and cardiovascular disease." In collaboration with UC Irvine's Elliot Botvinick, these findings were published in the journal Developmental Cell. (Courtesy of UCLA Newsroom)

2009 Amgen Scholar Kathryn Krueger is recognized by NSF for Outstanding Graduate Research
Kathryn received an honorable mention for the National Science Foundation graduate research fellowships. (Courtesy of Mount Holyoke College)

2009 Amgen Scholar, Allison Wong
was featured in a UCLA Today article about her trip to China "Rickety Bikes & Cutting Edge Research"

2009 Amgen Alumni Bryan Goldsmith takes research to Dailan, China
As a doctoral student at UC Santa Barbara, Mr. Goldsmith and several of his peers will conduct research in Dailan, China as part of the PIRE-ECCI Fellowship program.

2009 Amgen Scholar Eric Lemmon Graduates with Four Degrees!
Lemmon was the first student at McDaniel College to earn the John and Edythe Portz Award for outstanding Maryland honors students, and graduated with degrees in chemistry, biology, physics and biochemistry while maintaining a 3.9 GPA. (Courtesy of the Carroll County Times)

David Wang (2010) was awarded the Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship for 20
The prestigious Phi Kappa Phi graduate fellowship is awarded to only 57 students nationwide. David Wang is pursuing a Ph.D. through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program.

Wendy Tseng (2008) is awarded a prestigious Schweitzer Fellowship at UCSF
One of nine awardees, Wendy Tseng will use the fundsd to give workshops on violence and mental health for women and families living in San Francisco's Chinatown and other locales.

2008 Amgen Scholar Wendy Tseng honored for leadership of HOPE 4 Homeless Project
Wendy received the 2009 Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award for her commitment to public service. Wendy partnered with the Fresh Start Rehabilitation Program in 2006 to create the HOPE 4 Homeless project, bringing UCLA students to the Los Angeles Mission to help residents prepare to take the high school equivalency exam. (Courtesy of UCLA Newsroom)

2010 Amgen Scholar Jonathan Kuo mentioned in story about undergraduate research
Jonathan was part of a class led by Anastassia Alexandrova, an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, which a journal article in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

2008 Amgen Student Sattar Khoshkhoo featured in Article on Amgen Scholars
Speaking about the Amgen program, Khoshkhoo said "It's a great opportunity considering that last summer I did research the whole time, plus had full-time classes so I was eligible to stay on campus. This year, because of this program, I get to stay on campus and do full-time research without worrying about classes. Also, Amgen offers a lot of support."

Amgen Scholars Program at UCLA is Funded for Phase II
Please see the recent article in UCLA Today

Congratulations to 2009 Amgen Scholar, Dorsa Beroukhim
for her featured article on the University of California Systemwide website!!!

Congratulations to Jenna Wilson (2008) for earning the Parker H. Petit Institute "Above and Beyond"
Jenna was one of three graduate students to earn the award from the Georgia Tech Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering & Bioscience

2008 Scholar Stacey Shiigi named United Technologies Research Center (UTRC) graduate research fellow
Stacey is part of a group that aims to engineer a photosynthetic bacterium that will use sunlight to produce molecular hydrogen, a potential next-generation fuel. Her individual focus is on engineering the key enzyme used to couple the photosynthetic pathway. Congratulations!

2009 Alumnus Chris Arakawa is featured on the UCLA Engineering web page
Chris Arakawa shares his research trajectory from UCLA to an MD/PhD program at the University of Washington.

2009 & 2010 Amgen Alumni awarded Best Podium Presentation
Two Amgen alumni, Chris Arakawa (2009 cohort) and Shivani Dharmaraja (2010 cohort) were recognized with a group of undergraduate researchers awarded Best Podium Presentation at the 2nd Annual UCLA Bioengineering Design Symposium.

Lorenzo D'Amico (2008) is highlighted by the Biomedical Engineering Department at UT Austin
Lorenzo shares his experiences as a fellowship recipient in the Biomedical Engineering graduate program.

2008 Amgen Scholar Lorenzo D'Amico gives the keynote address for the 2009 UCSD Commencement

Courtesy of UCSD

Learn about 2008 Amgen Scholars, Sattar Khoshkhoo!
Article provided by the Ventura County Star by Jean Cowden Moore, 8/10/2008

2007 Amgen Scholar Lauren Sanchez earned the Dr. Sherman Mellinkoff Award for her volunteer
Courtesy UCLA Health Systen

Graduate work of 2007 Amgen Scholar Aaron Meyer is highlighted on E! Science News and at MIT
Aaron led a group of researchers at MIT in identifying factors that help tumors become resistant to specific types of cancer drugs. (Courtesy of MIT and e! Science News)

Sophia Yang (2007) featured in video on world's lightest material
Watch Sophia in a video from HRL Laboratories.

2007 Amgen Scholar Ni (Jenny) Feng has her research highlighted in Endocrine News.
See the article entitled "Testosterone Could Fuel Athletic Avian Displays" on Page 11!

Hope Shaffer Mirendil (2007 cohort) wins the Fletcher Jones Fellowship at Scripps.
Shaffer was awarded the 2008 Fletcher Jones Fellowship to support her research in Immunology at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA.

2007 Amgen Scholar Hope Shaffer has her research paper named Best of 2008
Hope's paper was published by the Journal of Young Investigators n 2008 and was honored in December 2008 as Research Manuscript of the Year. (Courtesy of Calvin College)

2007 Alumnus Adeleke Oni joins Clinical Research Program

Adeleke was chosen as one of only 20 students accepted at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY.

Learn more about 2007 Amgen Scholar Euphemia Mu
Article posted on the Princeton University Web site highlighting the class of '09 features Euphemia.

Learn about 2007 Amgen Scholar, Jennifer Yeh!
(Article provided by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal by Linda Coburn, 8/20/2007)