NIH Biomedical Science Enrichment Program (BISEP)

The BISEP program prepares students for upper division science coursework and undergraduate research. The program consists of a Biotechnology Laboratory, Advanced Writing Seminars, Journal Clubs, Laboratory visits, Seminars, and Workshops. Upon completion of the NIH/CARE Biomedical Summer Enrichment Program, participants will be prepared to commence undergraduate research. Program activities are specifically designed to support and to encourage students who intend to pursue careers in the biomedical sciences.

Special thanks to the NIH Initiative to Maximize Student Diversity, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Lewis Stokes California Alliance for Minority Participation, the UCLA Division of Undergraduate Education and the Qiagen Corporation for their generous support of this program.

BISEP 2014 Participants

Take a look at what previous BISEP participants had to say about the program:

"I gained a lot of confidence and experience about how to find useful scientific papers to support my understanding on a topic. I also feel that now I can easily assemble and put together scientific data in order to explain a research topic."- Jhon Cruz, BISEP 2014

"Thanks to BISEP, I finally have some confidence in my ability to work in a lab now that my feet are finally wet. Now I hope to expand upon what I learned in BISEP to an actual lab of my interest."- Alson Carey, BISEP 2014

"While I started off relatively wary, the repeated practice has led me to feel more comfortable in the lab than ever before, and I feel confident that I can participate in a lab with the training that I've managed to gain."- Mai Abdusamad, BISEP 2014

"I have just been accepted into a lab, with the help of BISEP's techniques on how to approach applying for a lab. And all of the PI's were very intrigued about BISEP on my resume, and they all asked me to further explain what BISEP was, and they were very impressed by all it taught me (the techniques, reading and writing science, etc)"- Taylor Brown, BISEP 2012

"I am now more aware of what research actually is. If I begin working in a lab, I won't be completely lost and will know what is expected of me as an undergrad researcher. I learned basic techniques that are essential in biomedical labs and also learned strategies to understanding scientific literature which are fundamental in any research lab."- Marcelina Perez, BISEP 2014

"I have learned basic and important techniques as well as having some lab experience.
When I came into BISEP, I didn't know how to use a pipette. I feel like I've learned plenty, and I am ready to start working in a lab soon. I've learned how to read scientific papers, present science, make gels run, etc."- Oscar Del Rio, BISEP 2012

Students participating in a journal club session with Dr. Tama Hasson

BISEP Participants, Oscar Del Rio and Rena Besada giving their final presentation

BISEP Participants, Richard Lu and Ely Contreras giving their final presentation