RESEARCH POSTER DAY - Dean's Prize Science Awards Application

Deadline: April 18, 2019

Requirements for Dean's Prize Science Awards Nomination

Any life science, physical science and engineering student who is a current SENIOR participating in Research Poster Day can be nominated for a "Dean's Prize Science Award Honoring Outstanding Undergraduate Researchers." Specifically, seniors who will not be here next Spring 2020 can apply. Seniors staying through Winter 2020 are eligible. Abstracts/Posters with multiple "first-author (presenters)" CANNOT be judged for the Dean's Prize. Please keep in mind, in order to be eligible for Dean's Prize you need to present one abstract, your own poster, and only you can be the presenter of your poster.

The prizes will be awarded based on the student's research accomplishments (outlined in the faculty letter and students' personal statements) and the poster presentation. The Dean's Prize applications will be evaluated by a staff committee and approximately 100 applicants will be selected to be reviewed by faculty judges on site at Research Poster Day. Winners will be announced at a ceremony following the poster presentations.
  • PERSONAL STATEMENT: Please submit a personal statement outlining your research accomplishments and address how being involved in research has enhanced your undergraduate education (2 pages maximum, single space or double spaced). The document MUST include your name, major, student ID, and your faculty mentor's name. In addition, each page of the document should have your full name and a page number on the top righthand of the page. Email as a MS WORD .doc or .pdf file to: Deadline for receipt: April 18 at 5pm. You will be sent a confirmation once your personal statement has been received by our office.
  • LETTER OF NOMINATION: Ask your faculty research mentor to submit a letter of nomination (2 pages maximum, single spaced or double spaced) to Vice Provost Patricia Turner. In the letter please specify that this is a nomination letter for the Dean's Prize at Research Poster Day. Deadline for receipt: April 18 at 5pm.

Please send to:

Dr. Patricia Turner
Vice Provost
Office of the Provost and Deans
College of Letters and Science
2300 Murphy Hall
Mailcode: 143801

or send by email to (PREFERRED):

  •  Abstracts/Posters with multiple "first-authors (presenters)" CANNOT be judged for the Dean's Prize. Abstracts that do not adhere to the formatting guidelines may not be considered for the Dean's Prize.

Dean's Prize Science Awards Ceremony

  • The Dean's Prize Science Awards Ceremony will occur on Friday, May 24th from 2:00-4:00 pm in the Powell Library Rotunda. All Dean's Prize competitors and their labs and mentors are invited to attend. Please join us in our celebration of excellent science studnt researchers. 


**Please note: Previous recipients of the Dean's Prize Award are not eligible**

Questions regarding the Dean's Prize Science Awards should be directed to:

Dr. Tama Hasson
URC-Sciences, Director