Departmental 199s

Departmental 199's are a 'next step' in pursuing undergraduate research. Although the specific rules and prerequisites for 199's vary by department, the 199 in general is intended as an upper-division research course that allows students to work on an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Many students choose to pursue 199s in the labs that they previously participated in 99s with, but this is not necessarily a requirement to enroll in a 199.

When preparing to enroll in a 199, be aware that most departments require the following:
  • Completion of a 199 contract through MyUCLA. Depending on your department, you may be required to complete additional paperwork.
  • Commitment to 12-16 hours of research per week (usually 3-4 units)
  • Completion of a written thesis outlining your research (this will be used to assign you a letter grade for the course).
  • If you are considering Departmental Honors, you can complete a 198 series of courses instead (contact your department for details).

Regardless of which department you choose to pursue a 199 in, you can expect the 199 to be a more self-directed and intense research experience. For further information on how to get started with the Departmental 199, please use the table below to find the appropriate contact (this is usually the department your faculty mentor is in). If your department is not listed, please contact our office to let us know.

Department Contact Office Location
Anesthesiology Wayne Hasby 757 Westwood Plaza, Suite 3325
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences Kimberly Perez 7127 Math Sciences Building
Biological Chemistry Brian Phan 310 BSRB
Biomathematics David Tomita 5303C Life Sciences Building
Biomedical Research Ira Clark 220A Hershey Hall
Biostatistics Roxy Naranjo 51-254 CHS
Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergrad Office 4006 Young Hall
Community Health Sciences Dept Jennifer O’Brien 36-070B CHS
Dentistry Matthew Dingman 13-089 CHS
Earth, Planetary & Space Sciences Lauri Holbrook 3683 Geology Building
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Jessica Angus 101 Hershey Hall
Economics Julie Plotkin 2263 Bunche Hall
Engineering OASA 6426 Boelter Hall
Environmental Health Sci Dept Rebecca Greenberg 56-085 CHS
Environment and Sustainability Royce Dieckmann La Kretz Hall, Suite 300
Human Genetics Jenny Luna 6506 Gonda Research Center
Math Connie Jung 6356 Math Sciences Building
MCDB Connie Firestone 128A Hershey Hall
Medicine/Internal Med Andrew Romney RRMC Suite 7501
Family Medicine Andrew Romney RRMC Suite 7501
MIMG Juana Escobar 1602B Molecular Science Building
Molecular & Medical Pharm. Emily Fitch 23-385 CHS
Neurobiology Megan Lebre 1321 Gonda Research Center
Neurology Samantha Dearn 1-240 Reed
Neuroscience Megan Lebre 1321 Gonda Research Center
Neurosurgery Colleen Bruton 300 Stein Plaza, Suite 465
Nursing Shelli Shepherd 2147 Factor Building, Student Affairs Office Window
Obstetrics & Gynecology Ashley Leung 22-188 CHS
Ophthalmology Helaine Miller 2-142 JSEI Building
Pathology Andrew Aldapa 1P-171 CHS
Pediatrics Stella Tripp RRMC Suite 3106
Physics & Astronomy Francoise Queval 1-707A Physics & Astronomy Building
Physiological Sciences Inna Gergel 125 Hershey Hall
Physiology Cynthia Guzman 53-263E CHS
Psychiatry Jewelle dela Cruz Semel
Radiation Oncology Kathy Rose 200 Medical Plaza, Suite B265-91
Society & Genetics Cyndi Tando LS 3360
Statistics Dept Glenda Jones 8117 Math Sciences Building
Surgery & Orthopaedic Surgery Iris Mau 72-235 CHS
Urology Naira Shirvanyan 300 Stein Plaza, Room 342