Faculty Advisers for UCLA-i2URP receive UCLA's 2013 Distinguished Teaching & Mentoring Award

Dr. Michael Carey (left) and Dr. John Colicelli (right)
Duking it Out

Since 1998, the i2URP has been led by Biological Chemistry Faculty Dr. Michael Carey and Dr. John Colicelli. Together, Drs. Carey and Colicelli have mentored over 100 UCLA undergraduate students in life and physical science majors as they prepared for graduate and/or professional studies in the biomedical sciences. Creating a program that centers on an intensive literature-based seminar course, Drs. Carey and Colicelli have made a significant impact on the trajectory of their students. Of the 97 students that have graduated between 1998 and 2011, 19 are working on or have received an MD/PhD, 28 PhD, 38 MD, 1 MS, and 3 Professional Degrees. After 15 years of service helming the HHURP, both Dr. Carey and Dr. Colicelli are stepping down as Faculty Directors in 2013. Having made such a significant impact, it is only fitting that both be recognized for their commitment to teaching and mentoring. The UCLA Academic Senate, which recognizes excellence in teaching and mentoring, has for the first time in its long history, awarded Drs. Mike Carey and John Colicelli a joint Distinguished Teaching & Mentoring Award. Dr. Mike Carey and Dr. John Colicelli are in great company, including recent addition to the HHURP faculty, Dr. Rachelle Crosbie. We are extraordinarily proud and honored to have worked with Dr. Carey & Dr. Colicelli and wish them well!

For more information about the Distinguished Teaching Award, please visit: http://www.senate.ucla.edu/Awards/DTAPurposeHistory.htm

Program Info

i2URP is a 2-year program that offers junior and senior scholars the opportunity to work closely with program faculty on biomedical research topics during the academic year and summer. The i2URP is an intensive program to prepare students for graduate degrees and careers in biomedical research.

Note: All program participants must complete necessary lab safety course prior to beginning work in their research lab. The "Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts" class is required for all students, volunteers, and staff in laboratories. Please see the EH&S training schedule for class dates and enrollment instructions.

i2URP Junior Scholars receive $1000 each for winter & spring; Senior Scholars receive $5000 distributed equally throughout fall, winter, and spring quarter.