Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Program

The Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Program aims to support undergraduate women in specific engineering and physical sciences majors at UCLA. The goal is to train high-potential women to enter graduate school and pursue academic careers with an emphasis on innovative, world-class research in engineering and physical science fields. The appointment as a Luce Research Scholar is for two years (Winter 2012 - Summer 2013).


The Luce Program provides up to $8,000 per year in stipends for students to engage in research. In addition, scholars are funded to present their research at local and national research conferences. A stipend is also provided for research supplies. Luce Scholars receive special mentoring and preparation for graduate school and research careers via counseling and a specialized seminar course.

Program activities

Research: Luce Scholars are required to participate in research; entry into a research project must begin by April 2012 at the latest. Research is full time (40h/week) during summer 2012 and part time (12-15h/week) during the academic year.

Weekly Seminar: The seminar will prepare students both academically and professionally. Topics include reading, writing and presenting science, ethics, lab safety, graduate school and career options.

GRE: Students will take an 8-week GRE preparation course either in Spring 2012 or Summer 2012.

Research Presentations: The Luce Scholars will present their work at UCLA Science Poster Day and also at various conferences and symposia. For a more detailed schedule, please see the table below.

Program activities
  Junior Year Senior Year
Fall • Apply • Research
• Apply to Graduate School
Winter • Seminars • Research
Spring • Research
• Write Proposal
• Present Work
• Submit Thesis Paper
Summer • Research Full-Time
• Seminars
• Present Poster
• GRE Preparation
• Research Full-Time (optional)


Luce trainees are expected to engage in an average of 15 hours per week in the research laboratory during the academic year of their appointment (Spring 2012 - Spring 2013). In addition, Luce trainees are required to engage in full-time research for at least one summer. Students will take the GRE exam, present their research and submit a final thesis.

  • Female
  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
  • UCLA student majoring in one of the following:
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Astrophysics
    • Computer Science
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  • GPA: minimum 3.3
  • Have two years remaining at UCLA. Those with three years remaining may also be considered.
  • Note:All program participants must complete necessary lab training courses prior to beginning work in research labs. The "Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts" class is required for all students, volunteers, and staff in laboratories. Please see the EH&S training schedule for class dates and enrollment instructions.


The application period is closed.

Please direct any questions to:

Dr. Diana Azurdia
URC - Sciences Assistant Director
2121 Life Sciences Building

Robin Garrell
Dean of Graduate Division
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Adrienne Lavine
Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering