Undergraduate Research Portal

The Undergraduate Research Centers are proud to announce a new tool that will help professors find undergraduate student researchers with interests and skills that meet the needs of their research projects.  Students interested in conducting research can create profiles that faculty mentors can search through, while posting research opportunities for students to look at.  This is a great way for faculty mentors to get additional help with their research and/or replace student researchers who are graduating.

When you logon either directly (urp.my.ucla.edu) or via MyUCLA (click on Academics at the top to find the Undergraduate Research Portal link) you can search through student profiles based on their major, availability, GPA, and more.  You can also craft a paid, volunteer, or academic credit research position or share a scholarship or scholarship program of yours.

If you have any questions on getting started, you can visit the “How Do I Get Started?” link on the homepage of the portal https://be.my.ucla.edu/urportal.aspx or feel free to e-mail our helpdesk at UResPortal@college.ucla.edu.

We are very excited about this new feature and would like to encourage you all to take advantage of this resource.  

For help with posting, please see: Undergraduate Research Portal PowerPoint