Diana Aileen Cruz

Diana attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she received her B.A. in Research Intensive Psychology and Education Minor. Prior to graduation, Diana completed her thesis on the effects of socioeconomic and ethnic background on success in science majors and proposed methods to create a more egalitarian approach in a science-based classroom. Afterwards, Diana continued on as a Research Assistant for SACNAS.  She later served in AmeriCorps as a Vista Volunteer Coordinator.  Thereafter, she moved to Chicago, Illinois where she became an Office Manager for a Private Dental Practice.  

Diana relocated to Los Angeles and joined URC, Sciences as an Administrative Assistant and recently became the Program Representative for BD, CAMP, SMC/UCLA Summer Research, SPUR, and UC LEADS.  

When Diana is not on the clock, you can find her surfing, training in Muay Thai, running, cooking, hiking, or spending time with her dog, Kelly Slater.